• Full Movie    10419
  • Duration:121 min
  • Director:Mahendra Budhathoki
  • Cast:Ganesh Upreti, Sumina Ghimire, Niraj Baral, Ramesh Budhathoki, Rupa Khanal
  • Music:Arjun Pokhrel, Riyaz Siwakoti, Sarbajyaman Shakya

Nepali movie "Star" features actress Sumina Ghimire as a rising actress in Nepali movie industry . The movie also tries to portray the clear image of nepali industry and also about casting couch . How the small town girl achieves that rise and how does she handle it . What really happens to stars who are once are so in demand and suddenly loose it . How she starts to loose her confidence and goes into depression . Cinematographer : Suresh Bajracharya Presented by : Manisha Budhathoki Executative Producer : Laxman Subedi Co Producer : Sasa Ghimire Choreographer : Kabiraj Gahatraj, Shiva BK

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