• Full Movie     13990
  • Duration: 150 min
  • Director: Markanday Dipbim Basnet
  • Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Ravi Basnet, Saugat Malla, Hema Shrestha, Anup Bikram Shahi
  • Music:

"Sourya" Nepali movie is produced by Hakim Entertainment , with a sub-title Rise of Hero . Movie starts by showcasing Nepal's history about a brave man known as Kehersingh who fought till his last breath to save our land , Nepal from the Mughal empire . Before Kehersingh died he announces that when a brave man like him will take birth , his sword will show its power only in his hands.

Screenplay - Subash Singh Basnet / Markanday Dipbim Basnet Cinematography - Rameshowr Karki Action - Shankar Maharjan Produced -Surendra Gurunng

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