• Full Movie    29890
  • Duration:125 min
  • Director:Dipa Basnet
  • Cast:Saugat Malla, Keki Adhikari, Bikram Singh Tharu, Raj Gadaili, Srijana Adhikari, Saroj Basnet, Abiral Adhikari, Safola Adhikari
  • Music:
Shree 5 Ambare

"Shree Panch Ambare" is a social movie based on different groups of our society. The story of the movie is about the life of street children . The life in street is not fun but, Ambar and Kali meet and fell in love in their childhood on street. Ambar is left along in the street when Kali is taken away by a guy. She becomes a prostitute and lived a comfortable life while Ambar nourished his desire to become a king in the society.

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Shree 5 Ambare

Shree 5 Ambare

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