• Full Movie
  • Duration: 02:12:51
  • Director: Dinesh Raut
  • Cast: Aryan Sigdel, Chhulthim Gurung, Keshav Bhattarai, Shishir Rana, Namrata Shrestha
  • Music: Tara Prakash Limbu
November Rain
November Rain is a 2014 Movie starring Aaryan Sigdel as Aayush, Namrata Shrestha as Sheetal and Chulthim Dolma as Dalli. The movie features unusual rain in November that brings change in Aayush's life. Sheetal and Aayush were born on the same day, Sheetal was born with heart problem, in order to save her Sheetal's father Dr Sharma illegally swaps her heart with Aayush's heart claiming dead to his parents. A nurse takes the responsibility to raise Aayush and takes him to Dharan where he grew up. Watch the movie to find out the whole story.
November Rain

November Rain

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