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  • Duration:128 min
  • Director:Shiva Regmi
  • Cast:Suman Singh, Garima Pant, Biren Shrestha, Mithila Sharma
  • Music:
Maanle Maanlai Chhunchha

"Maanle Maanlai Chhunchha" is a Nepali Movie and a love story of two individual who are madly in love but there families are against them. In the film the guy falls in love with a girl but the girl's brother is protectective and concerned about his sister that he is against his sisters love . Even after trying when there parents do not accept there relationship they runaway , get married and are very happy until girls brother finds out where they are . The movie was Late Shiva Regmi's last directed Movie. Producer: Sunil Sitaula

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Maanle Maanlai Chhunchha

Maanle Maanlai Chhunchha

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