• Full Movie    5236
  • Duration:120 min
  • Director:Parag Patil
  • Cast:Biraj Bhatt, Anjani Singh, Haippi Aryal, Baleshwor Singh
  • Music:Shankar Adhikari

Presented by SS Film Factory & SK Films , "Gunda" movie is a nepali dubbed version of Bhojpuri movie. The movie is a presentation of Suraj Khadka. In the movie the guy named Krishna on whom a girl has crush falls in love with other girl named Radha . Radha on the other hand is suffering cause of her child marriage that her parents agreed to when she was very small .

Krishna says Radha to live her life as her child groom died long years back and she falls in love with him. Soon Radha's father gets to know about her affair and he fixes Radha's engagement with Radha's child grooms brother . The film is produced by Shrawan Kumar .

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