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  • Duration:108 min
  • Director:Ananta Ghimire
  • Cast:Pradeep Khadka, Reema Bishwokarma, Mukta Babu Acharya, Nischal Kharel
  • Music:

"Escape" Nepali Movie is a story about a mistake committed in the past that hunts an individual irrespective to his present achievements. Escape is not just an awareness to children about effects of drug abuse but it also aims to Project that phase where most of our efforts fail. The phase where these addicts release their mistake and want to rehabilitate them self. It even showcases as to how society treats them as if they are some kind of criminal with an incurable disease. The children going through this phase are already physically and mentally weak, instead of getting support , assurance and love, they have to face humiliation and abandonment which is more devastating. The effort to rehabilitate results in detention and isolation which persuades them to join the only circle that accepts them, i.e drug addicts. Besides current and post effects, the movie intends to project the real cause behind this growing network of drug Mafia which is equally important and unfortunately not taken seriously.

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