• Full Movie     5144
  • Duration: 147 min
  • Director: M.S. Agraj
  • Cast: Suman Singh, Garima Pant, Sunil Thapa, Bishal Pokharel, Sonya KC
  • Music: Yadav Yogi
Bhai Haalcha Ni

"Bhai haalcha ni" is a movie about two brother and sister who are seperated due to some circumstances . Movie has everything from friendship , romance , family . Both brother and sister do meet each other but they do not recognize each other before they get to know about the truth.

Choreographer : Dinesh Adhikari Cinematographer : Hari Humagain Editor : Milan Shrestha Action director : Roshan Shrestha Producers : Dinesh Adhikari, R. K. Pandey

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Bhai Haalcha Ni

Bhai Haalcha Ni

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