1. What is Hamro Movie?

Hamro movie is a digital collection of Nepali movies with HD quality. We give you access to a carefully selected library of high quality entertainment, so that you can enjoy your popcorn chilling at home while watching new Nepali releases. What makes us unique, is that we are the First Nepali Video on Demand portal to launch and promote Nepali movies globally via our Web and Mobile Platform Hamro Movie has over 100 plus Nepali movies, TV shows, Documentary, Short Films etc. and we are addition much more to our offerings.

2. How do I create a Hamro Movie account?

It’s very simple to create Hamro movie Account 1. Click "SIGN UP" in the top right hand corner 2. Sign in with Facebook or Your Email...and that’s all .

3. How can I subscribe Hamro Movie?

Currently you can subscribe to Hamro Movie on a monthly recurring payment basis, using your credit cards. We charge very nominal fees and seek to offer great contents of your likings.

4. How does Hamro Movie billing work?

The very moment you get your card connected to Hamro Movie payment system and agree to pay, USD 5.99 will be deducted from your account for the monthly subscription and it will be working on recurring basis i.e. your subscription will be automatically generated after the end of a monthly subscription. You have the option to opt out of subscription anytime you want.

5. Which devices are compatible with Hamro Movie?

Hamro Movie is compatible with any of the recent devices like PCs, MacBook’s, IOS devices and Android Devices. We have native custom apps build specifically tailor fit to serve you HQ content via your device.

6. I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

Please click here to request a new password. We will be sending you an email with instructions to reset your password.

7. I can't log in at all. What should I do?

If you do not see the "Log In" link in top right corner of Hamromovie.com / if you’re unable to access Hamro Movie site or App, plese contact us at contact@hamromovie.com and one of our staffs will attend you asap.

8. I forgot my password. When I tried to reset it, I received an error that my email address is not recognized. What should I do?

When you submit your email address in the Forgot Password dialog and if you see the message "We do not have this email in our records", then that particular email address is not associated with a Hamro Movie account. Please check all email addresses you may have used, including those you might not normally associate with online subscriptions.

9. Can I watch any movie with subscription?

Yes, you will be able to watch any movie and other exclusive contents available on Hamro Movie through subscription.

10. How do I cancel my Hamro Movie subscription?

We always seek to adapt and listen to your queries and complains, however if you feel you need to leave hamro movie, you can just follow these instructions:
1. Go to Hamromovie.com
2. Log in to hamro movie account, if you are not yet logged in
3. From the upper right, click "Profile".
4. Click the “Cancel Membership" button.
5. Confirm to Cancel.

11. Will I get a refund if I cancel my Hamro Movie subscription?

If you intend to cancel your subscription to Hamro Movie, it will be cancelled for the next billing cycle. You will not receive any refund for the remainder of your billing period. However, your subscription will remain active until the end of your current monthly billing period so you can continue to enjoy Hamro Movie entertainment.

12. What is Hamro Movie Subscription and how does it work?

We at Hamro Movie bring you the latest and hottest movies and TV shows and it is updated routinely. To access these contents you are charged minimal fees as a subscription to Hamro Movie and by paying this fees you will be getting access to the whole library of High Definition Nepali contents.

13. What is Hamro Movie Premium and how does it work?

Hamro movie offers you a Pay Per Movie Model System where the non-subscribers will also be able to watch the movies of their choice individually in high definition. Hence, the premium movie buyers can only watch the movies purchased. You do not have to be a monthly subscriber to watch the movies in our library. You can simply pay and watch the movies individually as per your likings. The charges per movie may differ from one another.

14. Can I download the movies available on Hamro Movie Subscription or Premium?

No, You cannot download the movies available on Hamro Movie at any circumstances. The copyright of the movies are solely owned by Hamro Movie and it is strictly warned not to commence any illegal actions upon the contents. It can lead to strict legal actions and law suit against the one trying to illegally download these contents.

15. Where do I contact if any problems apart from these occur?

Just shoot an email at contact@hamromovie.com or call us directly+977-1-4104342 if you happen to come across any issues apart from the above mentioned.