November Rain
June 27, 2016

November Rain is 2014 romance yet tragedy film  by Dinesh Raut.The film features Namrata Shrestha, Aryan Sigdel and Chhulthim Gurung in lead roles and Keshav Bhattari, Shishir Rana in supporting roles. The film is written by Chhetan Gurung. The film depicts story of three people and contrast their story with unusual rain in November that changes their life.

Aayush is heart patient who lives in Dharan. After death of her mother, he finds that his mother isnot her real mother and that he had been adopted by her from Kathmandu. In search of his real parents, he travels all the way to Kathmandu where he meets  Sheetal (Namrata Shrestha ).Aayush shares special bond with Sheetal, that whenever he approaches to Sheetal, feels as if something lost for years has been found .Unknown of their history, Both Aayush and Sheetal start falling for each other. But once curtains of the history unveils that, In 1982  Dr. Sharma had  illegally swapped  heart of his daughter, Sheetal who was heart patient by birth with Aayush, born the same day, to fulfill his wife’s last wish. Known to bitter history and truth that he  has few days left for survival, Aayush start ignoring Sheetal in best possible way.

Dalli , onesided lover of Aayush also travels to Kathmandu and assist Aayush in helping his real parents who were living in hard times and were in debt. Helping his parents from financial difficulty he figures out that he approaching towards death. Sheetal, who couldnot get rid of her feelings later figures out the truth and reason for Aayush ignoring her . But, by then Aayush was breathing his last breath .The death of Aayush leaves huge pain for both Aayush and Dalli and whenever it rains, both get lost to raindrops in memory of their beloved , Aayush .

Talking about strenghths, The story is amazingly portrayed with restrospective story plot adding suspense to the film. The acting of leads are natural .The role of Dalli (Chhulthim Gurung ) was publically acclaimed and the chemistry of Namrata and Aaryan is beyond perfect. Dialogues, Cinematography, Music has given  justice to film. The film is sad love story and would shed tears to the viewers.

Talking about weakness, story plot is very slow upto first half. First half is seriously boring but with entry of Dalli and retrospective story plot makes the film interesting then after. The film has brought new story plot but the story plot is hypothetical rather reality based. The story sets back to 1982, November 25 when the heart transplantation was done in the story but world’s first pediatric heart transplant was done on December 6, 1967, there is no way Nepal could adopt heart transplantation procedure that early.The writer has ignored scientific database. Normally, a heart transplanted patient lives for 15 days. As exception, Tony Huesman was the world’s longest living heart transplant recipient, having survived for 30 years but in the story, Aayush is 32 year old. He has set a new record. Medically, after heart transplantation, Sheetal’s life also should be in danger but the story hasnot spoke about this.

In conclusion, Blend of Emotions, Romance and  Medical Science, November rain is watch-worthy film.

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