Hamro Movie- Few Words to Tell
May 30, 2017

Dear All,

Today we are writing to disclose about us. How we came into existance? What are our Goals? What is our business model? How we intend to move ahead? Simultaneously we want to ask you What do you want from us? So here it goes.

We are the wanderers, the moviegoers, the talkative and the geeks who wanted to give something back to the society. Its well known that Movies tell stories and the storytelling from audio visual is quite a hard work. The Director, Actors, crew members push their best to make any movie a gem. Few of them succeed while some of them don't. Whatsoever is the consequences of the movie it is left for the audience. For this purpose we wanted to take the Nepali Movie to a larger group of audiences and tell them stories that those flim-makers wanted to tell and let you decide its fate.

Our main Goal is to bring movies and series to your fingertips as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy what everyone enjoyed at Movie halls and multiplexes back home in Nepal. There are many cases in which we are left out of seeing a fantastic storytelling and there is no medium where those contents are published early. Everyone is left stranded to wait until its published in free social media like YouTube and Vimeo or is Pirated.

We got many messages who ask us to send us a link of the movie or making accessing our services free. Piracy of a movie is a big crime, it kicks right in the belly of the film makers and recently everyone might have heard, what happened over the piracy of a blockbuster movie in Nepal. However we wanted to clear here that we are pushing the boundary to bring movies that you intended to watch or missed out early via our platform, that surely isn't free. We want to make our services available to everyone in as low fee as possible. The following platform will be available to all at Home or abroad but it shall surely cost you around a price of a coffee, we believe that will be reasonable enough.

Our business model is just like NetFlix, Hulu or HBO GO we will bring you prime contents as early as possible which you can access at anytime and anywhere for a monthly subscription fee as low as a cup of coffee or a meal. We will really appriciate if you guys help us in this cause. The more of you subscribe to us, the lower we will put our fees and faster we will bring you contents that you desire to watch. We are even providing a 30 days free tiral so that you all can check our services and if you dont wish to continue our unsubscribe policy is very easy and quick.

We are currently working on a module to add Nepali payment gateway so people can access our platform here as well. We request you all to stay tuned to us and we will definately let you all know once we are ready with payment gateway in Nepal.

We also want to tell you all that we have a plethora of contents coming to our platform, but we need your support for that. We hope you will join us and give us motivation to move forward.

At last we want to request you all to send us your concept or ideas regarding our platform, if any at

We really appriciate your belief in us and we want to extend our thanks to everyone of you who has used our product.